Here's the Summer Pings Set - Revealed by the BrokenMyth Team

Apparently, it was designed by Hallu. An artist whose known to make some cute chibi arts of some Vainglory characters as well as other games.



They are the best one honestly.

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I utterly love Hallu! Here’s her Twitter, for those who’d like to follow her:

For those who may not know, Hallu is the artist responsible for the much-loved, much-missed Skaarf icon in-game …

EDIT: I forgot, Hallu quit Twitter a while back … she deleted all her tweets at that time. I’ll find a link to her current work and post it …

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I remember she was mad that nobody credited her work.

My favorite piece by her is the Reza and Baby Samuel one which is currently my lock screen.

Shes hands down one of the best VG artist evaaaaaa


Hallu is on tumblr, but I think inactive. Plus it’s not exactly a professional website…

here’s a link to her tumblr! she doesnt just make vg art but everything is amazing!


that’s horrible, wondered why I didn’t see her art on my feed anymore. I miss her art, it was cute. Really don’t like people that don’t credit, it’s not hard to credit artwork and provide a source to them.

Beautiful pings , nice job :slight_smile: