Here go again, matchmaking

I made a post a while ago about how happy I was with the season reset. During the first few days matches were incredibly balanced because high tier players were climbing back to their respective tiers while scrubs like myself could finally enjoy matches with people of our tier. Fast forward 2 weeks, and we’re back to the same “whoever has the T10 on their team wins” crap. Matchmaking is now slightly faster, but at what cost? Getting paired against a team of Vainglorious players as a T6? This game is not fun anymore. All there Is left is blitz, which at least gives you a slight chance to win if you have legendary talents.

The problem is not fixable, imo, because it all comes down to the fact that there are too few players left.

Contrast queue times in ANY tier and ANY mode in VG with League, where my queue times are rarely longer than 60 seconds — and in some modes are less than 10 seconds.

(I am not patient in general, so queue times are a major pain point for me in any game I play.)


You know, VG was like that before… que time was 10-30 seconds and tops 1 minute at 4am week work day. Yeah, I played quite late back then, but my point is that there were online players all the time for fast BALANCED matches. It was after 2.9 and HP changes that decline started and from there is history.


Pretty much what has been said already, the game lacks enough players to provide fast queues with balance matches, and it’s getting worse the more time it passes. With nothing being changed currently (when was the last time we got a true update that introduced changes to the core game?) I wouldn’t expect it to change, and the worst part is SEMC seemly not doing anything to try to fix it.


Do you know how frustrating matchmaker is right now?

Clearly they now lack the player base to churn out matches. Pushing for VG silver and I’m getting matched with tier 8s and tier 9s on a regular basis.

What’s worse is the standard of VG players is now so poor. Guys who would have been tier 8 in 3v3 are now VG!


Yep, but not tier 8, more like t6. T8 players were decent back in the days.


On the que topic: trying to enter a game from 1h… just a single ranked 5vs5 game before bed time and it’s not some crazy hour either - trying from 23:30 till now 00:30.

Not only the que times are long, but I also had 7-8 dodges in a row. Yep, this is my experience with that game today and still didn’t even play. :slight_smile:

P.S. It’s so simple to fix the dodging, just -20 elo for dodge and done. If abused in a row - ban from ranked and/or que penalty to wait. I bet that over 2/3 of the dodging won’t happen only with the elo penalty.

That’s because you need to start queuing 8h before you actually want to play in order to get a match.

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Waited another 20m with two dodges and in the end I played with trolls vs 4 silvers party and one high bronze. :smile:

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

And still some people don’t understand why players leave…


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