Help me find my friends

Hello. My name is Wulf, but you can also call me Cipher if that means anything to you guys… I’m here looking for my forums friends who I have not talked to in over 3 years. By forum friends I mean the ones from the old forums like Jeremy, Anni, Coccottely, PinkiePie, IratePirate, Vorv, and so and so forth. Please if you have seen them on this forum help a friend out. I’ve been nostalgic and I want to talk with my old friends.

P.S. I’m sorry but I don’t know where this belongs if it doesn’t belong in here.


@PinkiePie @Anni @IratePirate

However, Pinkie and Anni have been inactive for months, and Irate has been on intermittently but hasn’t posted since July. Haven’t seen the others here personally but they may have different names than on the OG forums ( there’s only 1183 users on this forum so far )

Good luck finding them - hopefully others have better news and can point you in the right direction

Edit - Pinkie has a discord here although I don’t know if it’s active

Heard someone was talking shite about me. It’s Great Empress Anni to you peasants.


:joy: :joy: You got me this time

Wasn’t there a post-my-contact/where-to-find-me thread before the official forums were locked?

I’m not sure. A year prior to The official forums shutting down I was very inactive. When Lepke left I kind of started distancing myself from the forums too.