Hehe, my project is 4/5 of the way complete!

As most of you all know, I grind Talents in Vainglory not only to play Blitz with greater advantage, but also to make the Daily Talent Chest a small Glory generator too.

Here’s today’s results and Talent progression so far.

My main five currently.

Today’s drops.

Ardan’s set. It’s still pretty scary if you know how to play around with his Vengeance generation.
This set is also dubbed as “if RiseChu’s sees it, he’ll Thanos snap something”, lol!

Flicker’s set. It’s the one so close to having a fully Mastered set too! Not that useful of a Legendary Talent, but eh, whatever.

Fortress’s set. Probably has the worst Rare and Epic Talents among the sets. Legendary is very good when I pair it up with basic attack reliant heroes like Lance and CP Lyra. The wolves just mauls and body blocks everything!

Lyra’s set. The one I’ve been playing the most over the last month. Her Rare just slaps everyone like it’s nothing. Doesn’t always work when facing longer ranged or tankier heroes.

Vox’s set. Despite not being Mastered, Vox’s Rare and Epic have their coin count maxed. I just need 45.1 K Glory [>_<]


Overall, I think I’ll get five maxed out slots by the end of 2019.

San Feng looks pretty dope!

Might change the heroes in the slots though, depending on how the next patch changes things up and the appeal of upcoming heroes across the year.


I gave up playing bots for the 5 hero chest every day since i got lv lv 10 kes epic. I didnt even bother doing it for the chance of getting free glory. Its pretty much a daily chore if you dont care about talents.

Well, that is true. Overtime, it does become a chore to just finish up the Daily Talent Chest.

I admit that the drops most of the time don’t feel that good, but otherwise, I’m fine with doing it every day.

I’ve done it for about a year since Talents got introduced after all.

Here are two drops I got in this month that has been quite profitable I say.

I was farming San Feg Talents for the entirety of February, but I’ve decided it wasn’t worth the trouble after playing around with him for a while. His play style doesn’t quite fit me as he is like Glaive in the sense he needs back up to get most value out his kit. I prefer to be one who supports a good San Fe g player rather than be the San Feng everyone doesn’t follow up on or help, lol.

Other than that, the only progress I have for the Talents in the first post of this thread is for Flicker and Lyra.

Just need 24K Glory [>_<]

Quite satisfying using both of her Talents. The Rare has so much carry power, while the Epic can be a mix of cheese burst support annoyance for when I feel my team mates could use Lyra’s Overdriven B slow.