Hawk the Renegade(wip)

Hawk was born when the first churn appeared and was trained at a young age in the use and making of sniper rifles. His people has sucessfully fought the churn with the advent of his large magizine, large calibur empowered rifle. Though whenever someone wasted a bullet by missing a churn he would shoot them down saying they were a drain on limited resources.

Health: 650+135 per lvl
Health Regen: 2.78+1 per lvl
Energy:150+20 per lvl
Energy regen: 2.1+.5 per lvlv
Damage: 79+10 per lvl
Attack speed: 110%+2.5 per lvl
Armor:15+1 per lvl
Shield:25+7 per lvl
Attack range:7
Speed: 2.8

Heroic Perk: Friendly Fire
Hawk may attack friendly minions and depending on the type of minion killed gives him effects.
Friendly Melee Minions and Ranged Minions give Hawk a 10% health regen
Siege Minions give Hawk 10% health regen plus 5% auto attack damage
Captian Minions give Hawk 15% health regen and grant Hawk captain aura

A: Overcharge
Hawk shoots a lightning infused bullet into his target
Stuns taget for 1.5s
Damage: 80/125/170/215/350 50%wp 200%cp

B: Melting Point
Hawk shoots a bullet out is gun so fast it melts and the hot lead scatters into a cone
Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/3
Damage: 75/115/150/225/275 100%cp 220%wp

Ult: Mach 3
Hawk’s attack speed is temporarily tripled for 2 seconds

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Hawk is a camper who cannot engage. He is more immobile than saw and will never be picked…

Updated a bit

what do i say
come on try harder

You’re a wizzard Harry

Still a sitting duck waiting to be ganked.
He has long range. He isn’t fast that 0.3 won’t help.
A stun won’t save him.

Baron outranges him and has mobility better than him while having aoe damage.

Saw has mobility and attackspeed that are better than him.

He would be the worst sniper in the game. While being a sniper… Give him passive camo give him something…

uh, 250% wp ratio on a 3sec cooldown skill is just crazy imo. yes he’s immobile, but pit him against a laner who needs to farm to get their item powerspike (cp baron and the likes) and the denying thing is too good. he dhould be safe with his long range.
also, if the attack speed is just tripled in hus ult, what are the ratios for?

i think despite the ridiculous b ratio, he won’t get used for the same reason phinn isn’t used. large maps require more speed.

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This is more of showcasing a different type of heroic perk idea. By no means do i claim to be an expert at balancing things

Baron has .1 difference in speed and has less range unless you add in baron’s ult as range

The problem is mostly where you will put your hero.
Permanently under a turret? One jump from baron and he is within range…

Baron at Ult lvl 2 has 6.9 range. At ult lvl 3 he has 7.4…

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I like the passive a lot. The potential of it is interesting and will be fun to use. My only question is how long do these buffs last? Can’t be too long or he’d be OP, especially if they’re stackable.

Apart from that he’s basically just an Ability spam sniper, once you have a spellsword you can just tap every ability as soon as it becomes available. Also unless his ult gets some kind of scaling on upgrade there is literally no point in maxing it out or upgrading it past level 1 at all. What would the cooldown on it be?

Honestly i haven’t really thought about a cooldown i have been thinking of a scaling duration

that too, of course. Looked over him again and realised he’d be lethal in 1v1s, especially late game, but would be dead almost immediately in any teamfight. I suppose this kinda makes him a true sniper, but there is such a thing as too much here.

But seriously imagine a 1v1 after he’s hit lv8. A 1.5 second stun on a base 2 second cooldown, assuming you have a clockwork by then, that’s basically an endless stun.

This is ice only purchase week before the nerf patchnig XD

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The perk incorporates creep deny mechanism. It won’t work if he’s the only hero that can deny creeps. He’ll be able to get all the perks within 1 minion wave.

This perk will only work if all heroes have the ability to deny creeps. (attack friendly minions) in order to have a balanced game.

Or just change it to enemy minions to activate his perk.