Having Way Too Many Ranked Matches Where People Play Like It's Blitz (A Salty Rant)

Omg can we stop chasing kills and ignoring objectives? What is up with people? Has everyone forgotten this is a strategic game? I’ve had 5 games back to back where if people just had patience we would have won. Just put vision on blackclaw. Just kill minions to push the wave. Just actually go get blackclaw while the WHOLE ENEMY TEAM is on respawn instead of pushing inner turret. So many people act like they’re playing blitz, or BR, the ONLY modes where you focus on kills over objectives and it is tiring. Have we forgotten objectives secure the win? Have we all but lost a sense that ranked and talent modes are two COMPLETELY different playstyles? What is wrong with people. Take a minute. Kill some minions. Clear your wave. Skip getting a kill to save a turret. We need to do better. PSA. Signing out.


Kinda ironic that you asked because from my experience the blitz dudes don’t do anything but rush objectives with their lvl 20 rare Lyra killing all the fun.


Come on. People don’t rush kills in blitz? Yes objectives get rushed but not like kills. Every thread @Bobmax? Why you do this? What did I ever do to you that you can’t even let me have my salt?

5v5 is bad , one of the reasons that made me hate it is what you said , like even with me playing roam to lead them they don’t listen , I was playing roam to make critical decisions , but they didn’t listen , they were wondering around , that’s why people play it as duo or trio because you need people to help you take objective .

Hum… no, they rush miners. And sometimes turrets, but they don’t usually fight.

3vs3 when it was balanced (2.8, the last and perfect patch with every hero viable), was a lot more fun vs 5vs5 + unique. Sadly, the gameplay right now is still bad. Top is still super bad situation and it’s worse than before, frequently top turrets drop at 2nd minute! Also I still see double or triple utility. Support is “forced” to not roam side lanes and stay with the mid laner. A lot of heroes are not viable or literally clearly not designed for 5vs5 map/number of players.

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Since we’re gonna go here let’s go. They do. When objectives are down people often scramble to get kills like no tomorrow, doing risky plays, and that’s how it seems like people play at lvl 1 in ranked nowadays. You guys done? I gotta nitpick every aspect of what I say for you on every post? Good.

@cha0z completely agreed. Poor petal with her 3 munions lol. I’ve also noticed top is really hard to play now but I think people just gotta rotate a little more. I’ve been struggling in top but I find just the jungler coming to help like once or twice swayed those fights hard for me. Just an opinion. Capt really can’t though. No point until mid-late when they actually have heals and by that time turret is usually gone either way.

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Dude I think you have a problem with me not the other way around. I didn’t even say anything to you. I was just making fun of all the blitz players. I don’t know how you take offense to that seriously… You said people in your ranked games play like brawl games and I said people in brawl games try hard more than they would in ranked. Seriously I don’t even know if I should reply to you anymore. No matter what I say you are offended… I swear if I say my favorite color is something that’s not yours you’d think I’m trolling you…

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Well maybe it came off wrong but your tone of irony kinda sounded like you were disagreeing just to disagree. And most times we interact you have this really hard tone about everything I say and I constantly have to reassert and explain myself so maybe I took it the wrong way.

The good news is holy crud I had some good games recently. Even a game where our poor captain abandoned us all match because she was tilted I wasn’t killing people for her at lvl 1. Then she went top and died there. Then she stayed top and went to kill minions in bot for us but the 4 of us actually playing did so well that she could NOT ping and blame me with anyone taking her seriously. Another game this guy said we lost since draft and almost dodged. Told him yeah take mid i’ll take top. Oh gosh we stomped so hard. He got the most kills. I just mortal wounded and frostburned everyone for him and held my lane like a B O S S. And another was with skaarf with again having to tell people not to babysit me and oh was it fun to try to 1v3 in mid. And we won! I think o.o

Also I absolutely agree that people try hard in blitz but that’s kinda what I mean too when they do get into teamfights. They try so hard they start doing stupid stuff in the teamfights they do get in.

Just wanna say 2 things.

  1. I wasn’t even disagreeing or agreeing to you. I am not in your games to be able to do that. I was talking about how good the experience in blitz has become since they match me with people with lvl 15+ when my highest is lvl 2 (accidentally). Priceless experience…

  2. I told you before I don’t reply to people based on who posted but I reply based on their posts. No matter who wrote it. Well I’ll make an exception for you now. I won’t reply to you anymore. You seem to not read or try to understand if you read it and just take offense to everything. I don’t see a point to.

dude i just said i guess i took it the wrong way. I mean if that’s what you wanna do.

There are two problems with the current meta (and you said it too):

  1. captains are forced to stay in mid and if they rotated rarely before to top, right now they almost never rotate as it will lead to:
  • less gold and that can be crucial at the late game team fight phase, especially at the first ones that normally lead to objectives = more gold
  • most likely you will leave the mid that is really important to scale, alone vs two enemy players
  • even doing so will not surely safe the top turret and most importantly - if you save it, surely it will take a lot of time at top to do so = leaving your mid for a long period of time and losing really big amount of gold (both for you and your mid)
  1. Jungler rotating is really risky as this will lead to not dominant (in a lot of cases) push from your bot + harder clear of the bot side jungle, risking invasions when the enemy team notice you are a lot at top, losing gold compared to what you will gain at bot lane, and so on - it’s not worth it. Also it’s again not sure that you will save the top as you will have fed bot+jungler vs top and you with less gold.

It’s literally a race for the first turret and a lot of times now it falls at 2nd minute while it was considered “fast” before when it was at 5-6 minute. I never felt so helpless as top from 5vs5 release, as on this patch (as I most of the time fill, this means I play 60% of the time support, 20% top and only 10% mid/jungle/bot - so you can see from that how the players feel they will make more impact and have generally more fun playing).

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Roam (and mid) rotating to top can make a really big difference though. They should do it. Of course I don’t mean roam camping top lane though.

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Ofc they should, but for that to happen you need:

  1. not that great enemy laner + captain combo, so they give you the time to do so (like wrongly timed recall or forced by you one, etc)
  2. winning your mid lane and having the opportunity to rotate - this is sequel to 1

In perfect matchup in skill, noone can rotate. Otherwise ofc, rotating top is something I also do as a mid laner if I can. It’s not rare at high tier, but also the MM let it happen as rarely there is balanced match and it’s frequent for a more dominant mid/support combo (and I don’t mean slightly as in balanced game there will be most of the time a slow winning of the lane, I mean hard winning the lane).

Combine this with two things: first, more and more I see first top turret falling @ 2nd minute and 80% of the time till 4-5m - not a lot of time to win mid and rotate. Second is as the below answer. :smiley:

Even if you lose CS from it you can be ahead from the rotation by getting kills. Not always worth it but it all depends on the situation.

If you get the kills - pings like “enemy missing” and quick map check can and will save you. Pings are not always happening tho, but that’s another topic. :slight_smile:

If you don’t and at high level you will not 50% and more of the time. You both will lose gold while the enemy mid/support will gain gold. So most players won’t risk it with a reason.

Roams can solo rotate. Mid can protect their lane solo most of the time for a while. Bot and jungle wouldn’t stop pushing your top because a roam is missing. But from what I’ve seen good mid laners would rotate too at any opportunity given.

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For solo I agree, I also rotate at key moments to top. Sadly most of the time I play top, noone from my team shows while the enemy bot/jungler push without a rest, always both of them, they even won’t go frequently to their jungle - just push and turret dmg/dmg to you. It’s really bad and you can’t do anything with whatever hero you got if they are good. :slight_smile:

Same if I play bot - the enemy top is alone and noone rotates, I and my jungler take the first turret at 2nd minute quite frequently.

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