Hat ideas cuz why not

Really dont want a negative thread, we have enough of those in the Forums.

Ill just say that the hats are here to stay, and we cant stop it.

So if you cant stop it, join it.

I would rather have the legendary golden hat to be a golden unicorn horn @Skaarf

• Flower Crown (from reddit)
• Devil Horns
• Crowns
• Cat/Dog Ears
• Glasses
• Headphones


phinn’s lil tweety bird - should be available in all different colours and follow whomever HEAD it likes to perch on


These are fun ideas, I’m sure more hats are coming.

Arent you coltonxxxxxxxx something on reddit? :hushed:

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pets idea is actually good , but probably not going to happen because of the graphical issues .

Headphones would nice on School Days Taka xd

I wonder that myself.

the most basic way to accomplish a 3D object is using a very age old concept of origami.

it can take up as less as TWO 2D planes ( a plane is 1 flat 1 dimensional shape ). from what i can witness from the current line up of hats, most of them are taking up 3 planes. Strangely, a circle is counted as 1 plane. the animation is 2.

Animation is not an issue, as long as it is a stable constant loop. 2 wings flapping would be a 0.1 ~ 0.3 second loop, much like the current fire and electric bands.

yes, when zoomed in, it will look funny. but it will look normal from above.

I want top hats

I wanna know something, Cath wears hats already so can you put a party hat on default Cath and if so what happens to her original hat?

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I found another one.

Next summer they should release Beach hats.


I remember a comment about how big wide summer hats could hide the hero completely. So if everybody wears the same hat, you wouldn’t know who to target when they group up.

Anyhow. Bring on summer~!

i want the traditional straw hat~!

ok, i know they probably won’t do this, BUT… hats should be able to FLY away and FALL on the ground whenever a hero performs any DASH ability.

Next patch, now heroes can hold weapons on top of weapons kappa

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AWWW DUDE. Your idea is EPIC, WHY DIDNT I THINK OF SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Dude your idea has to reach SEMC. Imagine having a little coloured parrot following you or MAYBE A LITTLE DEMON. Ooooofffffffffff

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Maybe you wont be able to equip the hat for certain skins.

thanks. The idea’s are endless when it comes to little pets. and SO much more appealing than “hats”.

feel free to make a suggestion on reddit. or anywhere it’ll get some attention.

Why not a hat for every holiday/event/season (only doing one I remember right now)

-Christmas: Minisnowman (perched on head because who needs normal santa hats)
-Fall: Leaves of differenent colors littering the characters skin (picture a home made leaf Ghillie suit)
-Labor Day: Chimney Sweeper hat from Mary Poppins (I don’t know the name of the type of hat)
-Birthday: Confetti continuously falling next to your characters head

(When you accidentally hit send when u didn’t finish writing)

-Easter: Bird nest with and egg in it hat
-Summer: Mini sun that orbits your character
-Spring: Broken flower pot hat
-New years: Dragon hat

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A rain cloud that has a constant steady flow of rain, a dark patch like a shadow cast on the player and little lightning bolts here and there. Small yet ferocious!

and very sad