Hard carrying with bad kda

Our Grace looks good on paper. She however build fountain at 12 minutes. No igc nothing. Alpha kept ganking and there were constant 3 man pushes.

Diving alpha and a very pushy saw backed up by a healer.

Meanwhile I got no healing on my side until she was lvl 6.

We need the unified UI so we can lay down vision ourselves and keep flask around.

My kda looks horrid but look at my damage and realize I had to 1v3 in lane half the match. My tanky allies were barely attacked. Look at damage received and damage healed.

Meanwhile after an abominable early game I managed to pull through after muting my captain and building double armour and my own healing I was able to 1v3.

Nobody even build armour vs Krul and still he had no damage.

I hate matches like these even though I learn to solo carry better.

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I feel you mate.

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What app is this
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Not sure about the double armour myself, would have preferred to see more DPS, maybe a BM to blow up saw and alpha quicker.

Always frustrating to see your roam failing to build a 5/6 min fountain. Grace is pretty good into Saw and Alpha so she really should have been peeling better, body blocking his A and locking him down with stuns. Against Saw she’s OP, great gap closures, stuns and her perk to reduce DMG etc.

Ps - love a no boots saw!!

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Double armour kept me alive in this case. They weren’t bursty they were raw freaking damage.if they were bursty I would have gone SH

Just try not to worry about kda cause that does not decide games. You can have a horrid early game, but come back hard happens to me whether I am coming back or being pushed back.


It is what the entire post is about. Seeing that you can carry even when things look bleak.

I feel like this patch is the one where we’re teamed up with trolls and bad player.
It’s not like this 2 seasons ago. Too bad, seems like i’m coming back at wrong moment.

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Just find you’ll get diminishing returns on stacking armour, might be wrong but I believe there’s a cap on shield and armour after which DMG reductions ceases to apply…

ps - you’re right, you can have a negative KDA but still be the most effective member of the team. Played a 5v5 yesterday where I single handily pushed 6 turrets split pushing but team didn’t seem to understand what I was trying to do.

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why do u save an sf instead of DE?

Because I want mortal wounds on my enemies who are healing a ton and the DOT makes my zoning more powerful.

If you add the cp in all those items, it equals to like one shatterglass :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t diminish the Lyra fountain the Lyra sigil the krul heal and the saw PS…