[GUILD] Acquiesce Recruitment

Acquiesce is a new SEA guild that I just started on a whim. I wanted to get a group of people playing together. There isn’t much to say about the guild because it’s only about a week old but I’ll tell you what I can about the guild recruitment.


  • Tier 7 and above. Self-explanatory.
  • English-speaking. Self-explanatory.
  • Must be mature in behavior. I will not accept toxicity towards fellow guild members. If there is a problem, please talk about it in a civil manner.
  • Willing to accept criticism and improve as a player. No, this does not mean I’m forbidding fun in the guild, but fun is very subjective. For this guild, there will be no sorts of random trolling in matches, unless previously agreed to with guildmates to try out picks. Nobody wants a surprise roam Malene pick.

There are no minimum fame / week or active hours, I just want you to come in and play as much as you are able to with the other members.

Recruitment Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe55Sr5Xrdrzc0gzyXgiPHp5kScVuXQp0DsWIo-I1mvMZealw/viewform

About me: I’m an analyst affiliated with Team Impunity of SEA. I’ve played Vainglory for almost 3 years now. My current highest tier is 9 silver.


I’m not teir 7 but can I join please


Please note I’m an old player and didn’t rank up cause of school and now I’m in college and have a lot of time to play.

Added you on Discord (Tsu is my tag)!

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