Guide to counter jungle or double jungling in lieu of support

always invade. ward enemy red if theirs too many enemies in jungle rotate to frog but don’t get seen going there if there is only enemy jungle and no one starts walking from lane to kill you take rocks or raptors if enemy jungle is at red as soon as they have less life then you go kill them or chase them away from red buff. chase them until they die or go home or enemies collapse on you. as long as you don’t die their entire team loses gold for chasing you coz they are not killing objectives this way you are also actively collecting farm whilst also preventing the other jungler from acquiring farm. or at very least xp from hitting things. get any monsters you can safely through out this if enemy jungle is kill u farm random jungle monsters that are safe ward where they have to jungle if they don’t show up u know they at the opposite side either way free kill and monsters a proper jungle can carry even the worst of teams in this way as long as you out level their jungle they can never stop you from taking dragon or herald and cannot capture baron and their only good option would be to try to do so and if ur smart about it that doesn’t work. don’t even try to take towers unless their is nothing left to farm that isn’t on a tower. kill heroes on towers but don’t try to take tower maybe if it’s one hit away and it’s the closest thing no stun champs near by. just don’t die and keeping capturing monsters some day you too can be a pokémon master.

in an optimal world start game mid would ward raptor while top wards bush TLRSBT1R or rocks while duo wards red and BLLSBT1R and gradually push the ward net in deeper as you get more territory but i doubt this will happen most games

this is not the only way but a good start.