Guide: How To Post Good Threads

Content archived from the Original Vainglory forums - originally posted by @D4rkHydr4 on 12th of December 2017 archived by @DragonBuster

  1. Formatting Threads
    No one wants to read a wall of unformatted words. Instead, use paragraphs to separate ideas and help provide your ideas in a more neat and organized way.

  2. Provide Discussion Topics
    Provide something to discuss, if your thread is extremely brief and shallow, it fades away as a “sh!tpost” (Not including Fan Art or something like that). A good thread will provoke discussion, unsarcastic ratings, and/or be fun to read.

  3. Have a Good Title
    Don’t have a clickbait-y title like, WHAT HAPPENED??? Make sure your title actually provides some information about what’s contained within the thread. Usually one of our smexy mods will fix the title for you, but why make them fix something like that when they have better things to do?

  4. Explain Your Points
    This is mostly aimed at balancing threads, but in general, explain your points. Don’t just say something and not bother to expand on it. This is connected to Point 2 in that it leads to a useless thread that usually gets locked, instead of something that can get discussed and MAYBE get passed to a dev or at least some decent support.

  5. Have a TL;DR
    If your thread becomes an essay, add a TL;DR for people to help them understand the point of your thread if they don’t want to read. It should summarize the main points of your thread in a sentence or two, not every point, as that kinda makes the rest of your thread filler.

  6. Proper Grammar
    Not being a Grammar Nazi here, but proper grammar makes a thread much easier to read and process. It puts you in a better light and makes you sound more “sophisticated”.

  7. Don’t Double Post
    If you’ve seen someone make a thread similar to yours, don’t make an entirely new thread with the exact same points, just post in that thread or give it an Agree. It clutters up the forums, which brings me to the next point.

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