Guide Contest Submission (GRACE)

Grace, the best waifu tanku by NinjaBryden

Grace, one of my favorite waifus heroes in Vainglory, the MOBA perfected for touch, is a great tank with fantastic peel and the strongest heal ability in the game that stays strong no matter how you build Grace since it only scales with CP. She is not too hard to use, but what separates good and great Graces I feel is how effectively you use her B ability and ULT.

WP is a bulky bruiser with fantastic CC, burst, sustain, and similar to the other builds, the best healing ability in the game. CP is tankier than WP, but also supports the team better with her holy shield reducing more damage and her ult healing in levels we cannot comprehend. Cap Grace is obviously the tankiest build that sacrifices damage for utility items and the ability to use Echo to either heal twice or maybe use other abilities over and over again (Her A can be used 3 times in quick succession if combo’d with the overdrive).

Hero: Grace
Role: Flexible (She can play any role)
Position: In lane she normally goes top or bot

For builds I am going to separate each by Cap, CP, and WP as all 3 roles are viable on Grace.

Early Game (0:00 > 6:00):

  • WP: Tension bow is normally what you start off with, especially since the A procs it and boots which especially help with her high move speed (remember when she was sanic?). Generally go for defense later on and focus on damage since Grace is naturally tanky.

  • CP: I usually rush Shatterglass since she becomes tankier with CP and her heal becomes mega strong, generally healing heroes to full if mortal wounds are not applied (The heal is still very strong against Mortal Wounds). SG should be built over DE for that immediate CP which is good earlier into the game. In addition, you get boots and a small amount of defense.

  • Captain: Captain is rather flexible since different players prioritize different items such as either vision, Crucible, or Fountain. I usually start off with a crystal bit (Used to start with a blade before the nerfs and just sell it later on) and a flare gun for the small perk benefits and the damage. Whatever item out of the main 3 is all up to you!

Mid Game (6:00 > 15:00)

  • WP: With WP Grace you can either go with Breaking Point and Serpents Mask/Sorrow Blade or Crit. Depends on whether you want that sweet sustain or that heccing insane burst crit provides.

  • CP: Clockwork is a great second item in pretty much almost every CP build and this is absolutely no exception. With the lowered CD’s, Grace’s ult can be up very frequently when you take the perk into consideration. Afterwards, I would work towards BM/SF or start building up some defense.

  • Captain: Once you have your first t3 support item, start working on Fountain if you have not gotten it already or otherwise start on building up vision or a Crucible if against a comp with lots of CC (I mean you should have Crucible by now if you are lol) and situational items.

  • ALL: T2 Boots should be acquired by this time

Late Game (15:00+)

  • WP: By the late game your damage items should be either TB, BP, SM/SB or TB, TM x2 and if you want you can sell your TB for the constant SB damage if you can sacrifice the armor piercing. after you have damage, build that defense and you’ll be extra hard to kill!

  • CP: In the late game Grace’s build should usually be SG, CW, BM/SF, then whatever defense items you want whether they be support items or selfish defense.

  • Captain: Once you have your usual support defense and situational items, SG is a great item to pick up to increase the power of your holy shields and ult and Echo to start spamming abilities.

  • ALL: Boots is obvious, but I usually get War Treads on WP and Cap with chargers on CP.

ABILITIES (What to upgrade?)
The A ability is always learned first. You gain damage reduction and a great peel ability that grants allies holy shields. You should always overdrive the A as well. The extra range, damage, and CD reset when you use the ult is too good to pass down. When against a team with plenty of CC, overdriving the B is a good idea since the ult heals a lot anyways at level 2. However, if you are against a team that would not use too much CC on you, primarily stuns, maxing the ult is the way to go with that extra boost to the healing. This choice should depend on if the enemy team has heroes like Bap or Cath that have reliable ways to cancel abilities unlike Ardan who would have to aim his Gauntlet to specifically target you if he has not used it in the fight already.


  • Use the B ability as effectively as possible since it is punishable. Try to position it where the enemy has to move towards your team to really restrict their movement

  • You can ult an enemy that is diving to help reduce their damage and heal them to full immediately after

  • The A ability will always be the way you initiate fights. You reduce damage immediately and slow everyone in front of you while proccing basic attack effects

Thanks for reading this guide! If I think of more tips later on I may add them later on.

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