Grace in 3.8?

Will WP grace rise once again?
She remained untouched too in this upcoming patch

I hope not, I really dont want to relive my frightful memories of being A-ed 1/3 of my health away and slowed by the AA with another 1/3 of my health gone.


I hope she comes back…

Omg so I can scream “where is your valor now”


TBH I always liked grace more as a captain. Great kit, sadly she falloff in 5vs5 as she is a dive hero that if soloq and not followed by the team doesn’t have a lot to escape. In 3vs3 she was always really solid and capable of diving alone even carries for a little exchange of dmg.

And by the changes I can judge for now she will rise. Natural cooldown reduction, dmg reduction in the kit, slow, stun, shielding, big shielding followed by massive heal, decent dmg, scales great with CP (dmg reduction, stronger slow, good dmg scaling, healing, stronger barriers. I laugh when someone question building CP on grace, shows how much he doesn’t know her kit and that CP is not builded for dmg on her). Lance will be up in the meta too this patch.

We will see, I think there will be a lot to fine tune for 3.9, but it’s good that they will really try to change the meta and fix the mode to be more fun to play.


CP build is must for grace. Huge heal!

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As I said - heal scales with CP massively, but also:

  • dmg reduction (8% on A learning + 5% of the CP. 150 CP translates to 7.5% more dmg reduction (all sources!) = 15.5% overall with only shatterglass or scaling dmg reduction in long teamfight with dragons eye)
  • stronger slow on AA’s, scales with CP
  • stronger shielding from her A and C
  • stronger dmg with good scaling on A and B

Actually if you learn A at start and build 2 CP bits, you will have better dmg reduction from all source vs straight up buy of armour/shield and decent dmg for the first exchange. :slight_smile:

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We need a cp ratio on the retribution perk as well. Make cp more viable :slightly_smiling_face::blush::slight_smile:

Make Haste! Slowly.
May the light be with you.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance, and you go AFK.

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I wish I could do this in BR without being labelled a troll when I say I’ll captain… it always makes for a fun successful game I find but unfortunately we’re still stuck in FoR or bust apparently.

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