Gowan, puppet assassin

owo another one.
this man is a puppet and this puppet is an assassin and this assassin is not like the rest of the vg assassins because he is not as mobile.

uuuhe ok here he is

Perk: Hold Your Breath
If Gowan is idle for 0.5 seconds he turns stealthed. if he is steathled for 3 seconds his next basic attack is replaced by a screech which snares the enemy for a duration.

A: Puppet Strings
Gowan gets 2 skillshot strings. if he places them on 2 different enemies, they both take damage and are stunned and gowan can select a position to dash to (like suri strike dash selection). If he lands the strings on the same target they get stunned take execute damage and get pulled towards Gowan.

B: Shadow Stalker
Can only be activated if in range of a wall. cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds every time he collects the second part of his perk. You select a target around the wall and you teleport there ganing both parts of your perk instantly and dealing area damage where you leave as well as slowing. can be activated and performed entirely stealthed.

Ult: insert edgy strike name
Gowan scratches a target (he has huge mechanical claws for hands sort of like edward scissorhands) disabling (can’t basic attack) them and dealing damage. all damage against them from gowan is increased for a duration.

uuuhe yeaah. oof. he is meant to be one of those guys, who are patient, waiting in the shadows for hsi target who then goes full in, using Puppet Strings to pull them towards him then using his edgy ult to stop them from basic ttacking and using his perk to stop them from escaping. darn sounds sort of op. and he has a really good escape. owo

i had trouble coming up with an ult, because i really wanted to use this perk for a while but ehh i don’t think it worked well


Perk: Idle -> snare -> idle again -> snare again -> repeat until target die. Also, invisibility OP
A: another version of Churnwalker’s Ult, and we all know how OP it is.
B: this skill not gonna work. Mostly bypass wall skill in MOBA game is for escape/initiating, not dealing damage purpose. By the fact you want to have an enemy in the other side, 99% situation this skill won’t be used.
Ult: so basicly 1 ult = death? O_O