Got to play with RumblySuperset O_o

I was going to mid Magnus but Lyra decided to go cp midlane so I was like “ok…” and went captain Arden and low and behold, Lyra also went roam and not cp :expressionless:

Not the greatest match to play with a VG Content Creator but atleast we won.


And a relatively well-known YT video creator with RickLess. Hope it was fun!

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Ah gameplay of me… :potoo:


How does it feel to be internet famous now?


Now Im just waiting to get my star on the Walk of Fame :laughing:

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I remember once a guy made a clip of his plays could be in the old forum , and I was in that clip getting destroyed by him , I remember that match that I won and I think if I remember correctly that was the only moment he won a fight against me .