Got it on first day Gwen SE + in game screenshots


3 tries :slight_smile:



Nice! Enjoy your new skin! :slight_smile:


Wow, congrats!! Post in-game pics, please :heart_eyes:


Wooop! good job! (30 characters)


How much did you spend in total?


Got it in 3 tries… I pulled 4x 250 Ice which I bought for 3.29


@Yui I updated the post for you. Took some effort since her skills have little wind up. Pretty cool to see them more clearly.


More effects than se koshka? .


Not sure but her entite kit is lit.

:fire:Fireworks everywhere. :fire::tada:


I see what you did there lol
30 chars


Thanks! It looks really awesome. The effects are great :slight_smile: