Gorgon Lorelai

                         New Skin Concept
                      🐍 Gorgon Lorelai (E) 🐍 
          What if Lorelai wanted to be a snake?

              ❖Details and Design changes❖

» Appearance- Looks like a snake lady? (PIC1)

» Basic Attacks- Lorelai uses a blood red magic pulse (red variant on her default basic attack look).

» Thats Swell (Perk)- No change? No ingame visual so idc.

» Fish Food (A)- Lorelai eyes glow red as she makes a giant snake head appear out of the ground at the target location and the snake bites the foe. After, a swarm of snakes slither at the location once more for a while.

» Splashdown (B)- Lorelai throws a snake in the selected area and leaves a snake pit on the ground.

» Water Wall ©- Red variation of the normal water wall. Ouroboros Symbol underneath targeted player.

» Recall- Jumps into the ground

Pic 1


This looks really cool. Mind it should be in fan art tho not fan heroes

I’d like a badass skin for lorelai, like a concept art for her I think that was posted awhile ago from one of the art devs page. This is a great idea too, is the art yours? It looks awesome

If this art was yours, I will have to applaud you. It looks absolutely fantastic, the quality and the detail… it blows my mind :smiley:

Just wait till next patch… They gonna release more Celeste/Skaarf/Catherine skins smh…

@Blissey123 i just googled medusa art and scrolled the pages until i found a nice pic that i thought was a good representation of the skin, trust me, i didnt draw this nor can draw anything else besides stick figures

Leak guy PopcornOne found a Lorelai skin


lorelai is rumoured to have new skin too… eyptian lorelai

Not egyptian, that was fan-made and fake. But there is another skin in the works if what PopcornOne saw is true.

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i can’t access that forum :frowning:

30 characters

From the leak thread:

There is also a new Devilray Lorelai skin. I couldn’t find the texture for this but I will go back and look using the updated comparer. I will post it soon even if I can’t find it’s texture.