Good Fortress Builds?

So I mustered up 500 opals and got his husky (se) skin and loving it but I am not too sure how to build him from the start to end.
It would also be appreciated if I could get some tips as how to play him since I am not too used to playing the captain role.

Thanks in advance!

TensionShock and Rook’s Decree

tension bow is a terrible item
Banner, aftershock, stormcrown, rook, pullsweave, wartreads and either aegis or husk as a defensive item

Number one tip: DO NOT ULT just for the hell of it. do it in team fights, when you’re close by. It triggers me so hard when fortress user’s just ult from miles away.

Also, if your team has one useless hero, Go full aggressive support build. If you have a good team comp, then go team support build. I would stick with the recommended builds.

if you have a good aggressive jungler… follow. This is the one captain that benefits from staying together. Fortress and Koshka early game is a seriously unstoppable force. Gank for days.

Their play style is very similar, need to be aggressive and need to dive, invade, start jungle camps and NOT take it. FEED your team and buff them to levels above everyone else.

Do NOT try to clear creeps on your own. You are the slowest minion clear speed in the whole game. Just soak up ambient gold should be enough. Just keep map awareness and ping where you want each hero to go.


ok so I know what im building towards, but what should my starting items be and in what order should I get them?

build Tension Bow Aftershock Rooks and whatever defense items you need. Start with two weapon blades and your goal is to snowball a lane. When you hit level 6 you can summon ur puppers but only do that like after the fight has started. Try to urge teamfights to happen by starting up Ghostwing/Blackclaw you’re gonna win as long as you have your Ult and your A connects onto the right opponent like 2/3 of the time. Don’t feed because he is easy to shut down and once he gets shut down he can do nothing.

There is a build for fortress I tried it and it was good
Storm crown , aftershock , clockwork , double defense and boots
Just infuse and fight , your ult will be up quick , it’s actually broken and make enemy hard to win , this build is all about the ult , ult and fight .