Gold toad missing

What happened to this guy?

I’m actually hopeful that his lack of appearance means that the graphics of the rise are going to see an overhaul in general

Played a 3v3 or two recently and the Vain crystal destruction animations look so much better on the fold.


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i know right, like i like everything in Sovereign’s Rise except for the blurry “non high quality” ground and the jungle full of TREANTS! I thought they’d put the Gold Toad into 3.0 with its new attack animation.


I’m not too concerned about the animation of the vain crystal, the graphics are insane so I can’t believe you think they need an overhaul.

Gold toad needs to make an appearance though.

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Yeah no the graphics are great no denying that. But the fold vain destruction animations are vastly superior to what we have on the rise IMO

Can’t hurt to want it to be that much better :slight_smile:


I found this quote in update 3.0 patch notes.

“You don’t see the toad? It’s there. I swear!” —PlayoffBeard

But is it there in 3.0? NO :smirk:


it says Goldoak for now… so…


they showed a modell for the toad in their recent stream party. it seems as if the jungle monsters arent finished yet.
i would love to see two little krakens as orb guardians instead of the boring tree things.

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I’m guessing they’ll change the models for the CP and WP buffs, considering that they renamed it to “Orb Guardians.”

They’re most likely going to update the treants to the desired monsters in the near future. :slight_smile:

I hope they will change the model and hoping it will have unique attack animations.


repeat after me: mini krakens. make it happen. :1st_place_medal:


Omg, baby Krakens would be OP!!! SEMC pls …


Baby Krakens would be amazing! Also individual models for the CP and WP guardians. Baby Kraken would fit WP that leaves one more to design.

I kinda want a fire beast for the weapon power buff like Balrog from LotR. For the CP buff, they could put a crystal lizard like in Dead Souls 3.

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Glad I am not the only one who noticed how blurry the ground was

I hear about all these baby krakens yet forget we literally have a playable one


I hope they improve Sovereign’s Rise ground’s blurry quality like how Halcyon Fold ground’s high quality.


Dark Souls 3*

Inb4 they do that and copyright infringement happens.


OMG. That’s embarrassing. :pensive:

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So where’s this spider they’re talking about back then?