Giving gold like reddit

So an Artist like Nekofury from the old forums, is now a regular art poster in the Reddit sub forum.

she’s got over 300 followers… and i wonder why she hasn’t signed up here…

Maybe because of a little feature in reddit to donate gold? which actually equals real money. gold is bought with real money.

could this be incorporated here? to entice artists to post here?

anyone wanting to check out the art:

I like it. very much.

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Nekofury is a she, fyi. (And she’s one of my very favorite VG artists also.)

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Though Reddit Gold is a pay-for feature, I wouldn’t go so far to say it equates to real money for the recipient, as all it offers is a handful of arguably useless features that should honestly be available to anyone. Can’t do much else with it.

In turn, if you want to be able to do something similar, why not pay for a month (or whatever length of time you choose) on Patreon to support the forums - maybe it can be put in another users’ name.

@hazeleyes thoughts?

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i was thinking more in a broader sense, as to the reason why reddit is favoured over this forums. and i thought some kind of rewards system similar to giving gold would attract talented artists, players, etc.

I hear you, but I don’t think it’s Reddit Gold that attracts those users.


people just go to reddit bc they already use it. not for reddit gold. also, some actually dont like receiving gold bc like others have said, it’s honestly pree useless.

Yah, I agree. Reddit gold is pretty much worthless, imo.

Having talked with many of the VG artists through developing and managing Andi’s ‘art’ feature, I believe most of them are interested in getting exposure for their work and aren’t really wedded to a particular platform. I’m fairly sure some/many/most? would post here if they knew about the place.

Good points. Reddit does get more exposure… this forum being very new and reddit having been around far longer with more subscribers.

I hope they do post here.

What has always struck me as odd is that the Vainglory subreddit doesn’t have this new forum in the sidebar, despite it being mentioned there many a time. I don’t know if that’s intentional or to keep a particular userbase (I would understand) but it’d sure help.

yeah i don’t think reddit gold has anything to do with her posting in that place.
reddit was just the first place she found after the forum closure. and IMO these two posts had a major effect on her decision.
since the forum is shutting down
Probably my last drawing, since Nekofury’s art gonna outshine mine when he/she gets here. ;-;

they’ve recently added it as the “Fan Forums”


does kinda get lost in that big list of other websites… somebody highlight it. lol


she also posts fan art in SEMF. i think its mostly her not really knowing where to post. lemme check with her