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Give a rip


My regular status has finally been revoked due to inactiveness, I will miss the forum faithful category (that I never posted in) and my flagging post abilities (that I also never used) but I will remember being one of the cool kids :tired_face:

I can still use the Regular title badge if I wanted to though lol. Also, the mini profile picture thing hasn’t gone away so did anything really change?


I don’t think the regular-only category is a thing anymore, though lel. I have the rank but it stopped showing up today for me.

@hazeleyes can you confirm it’s gone now? It honestly doesn’t matter if it is


The whole category is just gone? Maybe I can’t lose the rank from just not doing anything then because I really haven’t been on here in like 2 months :thinking:


We decided to do away with it because it was completely unused – not a single post in over 8 months. Tbqh, I prefer that this place be inclusive – that there aren’t places (categories) where some members aren’t able to visit.

Also, it’s apparently impossible to slip anything past you guys. :wink:


You’re still TL3 – nothing’s changed :vgcheersx3:


Yeah, I just assumed that’s why. It really didn’t have much purpose outside of maybe discussing matters with frequent users, but having them with everyone is just generally better.


Well it was neon pink and pinned to the top of the page for months


Well I thought about that category and made a thread I think about the Devs leaving in a report conversation way to make fun of the situation but then I stopped , I guess I liked how you can show the members and not the visitors which can make the thread understandable between us , maybe a visitor could consider it toxic and just hating on vainglory decisions , they see us as a cry babies hehehe .