Ghostwing oriented side lane meta

One thing I have not seen discussed much, is the idea of picking side lane picks based off of major objectives.

In this view you have a Blackclaw lane and a Ghostwing lane. We actually saw some of this kind of strategy happening near the end of the pre-season, however most teams still stuck to the classic WP bot/placeholder top strategy. The interesting thing to me is how teams executed on this, by putting a strong pushing duo in Ghostwing lane, with heroes like Samuel or Kestrel.

Do you think this kind of meta could become the norm, or after the Ghostwing nerf is it not worth the allocation of resources?

I got in a match with @Sandiha the other day where I was top lane adagio and I had constant pressure from Kestrel+Ringo who were a duo which lead to me going down hard.l saved the turret but they were pounding me hard. Midgame our jungler saved me by ganking with Sandiha and me.

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That’s a prefect example of the current meta. You were fighting the enemy bot lane which usually has 2 members pressuring.

The interesting thing i’m referring two is specifically pushing ghostwing lane, not top/bottom.

It makes more sense to orient heroes around safety and farm than around dragon control. Given that taking dragon is a high risk strategy unless you have a significant advantage and that your flexible pieces (roam and jungler) can be used to give more strength to the location closest to the dragon if you want.

But honestly the dominant strategy right now is heavy pressure the weakest enemy lane until it drops then rotate your force around to the next turret and so on.

I attacked BlackClaw with my team when the enemy team ported back. Their Grace dove on BC and stole it. We then 5v3 murdered 2 of them and killed BC before he even finished our first mid turret.

Where is this Risky? Black Claw without heroes to support him is a joke…

If we are talking about lane hero orientation then we are surely talking about ghostwing not blackclaw - blackclaw tends to spawn after the laning phase.

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