Getting logged out again and again

What on earth is up with this bugged game, kicking me out again and again for no reason at all. This is not even caused by losing my wifi, it occurs randomly and really breaks my nerves, I cannot believe that things like these get past PBE stage. What a shame.

I get logged out during a match for losing my internet connection for one ms. One freakin’ millisecond. I get logged out, I have to type my long email and password and hope that I got it right!

30 seconds lost.

Then reconnecting, which takes sooo much time in this game, it is ridiculous.

Another 30 seconds!

And if that is not enough I keep getting logged out randomly throughout the game, regardless of keeping a perfect internet connection!

Look at this BS. It keeps searching after a forced logout! Wtf!

Is this normal? No! What is wrong with the developers for letting these kind of bugs exist past PBE stage for so many updates and patches. This. Is. Not. Normal.

My device: Samsung S5 Mini
My operating system:

I got something like this too today it might have been caused from them trying to hotfix the netcode

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is there any tweets? or reddits? whatever source of news they use. I got this today as well.

I have seen nothing but communication issues are a semc specialty

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Well, would be sweet to get a heads up in case this is ever fixed.

I’ll give VG another chance after the next update, but if this keeps going on… nah. Life is too short.

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The urge to go back to AoV is pretty big, but something keeps me sticked to this game despite all the garbage clustered around it. I dunno, I really hope the devs start tackling the real problems instead of wasting their time and ressources into new content…

New content is needed just as bad as problem fixes but both should be worked on with a larger fix team

Even bigger for me since they’ve added the in-game tournament (Valor Cup series) …

People here trash AoV, but it’s actually a good game that’s likely to continue to get better and better.

See, and this says a lot about the qualities of VG as well as its shortcomings.

To be fair - there’s been some pretty widespread connectivity issues in central Europe, where the local server is located, so this may not all be SEMC’s fault. But their code is a mess, while other studios seem to be able to work around these types of issues almost gracefully.

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