Gauntlet tips

Of all the roam abilities landing a good ardan ult seems to be toughest for me. How do you use it in teamfight situations? Where to aim when looking to land ‘on a hero’ gauntlet?

About halfway of the max range. It takes practice. The thing is to lock 2 enemies and block out the others in a teamfight.

Create a gauntlet at a nasty location.

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There’s a thing ardan mains call Kinetic Gauntlet. It’s basically when you can insta stun an enemy by calculating the precise location of the gauntlet. It takes practise.

Never directly tap an enemy with Gauntlet. It’s not ringo’s ult… just remember the rough radius by eye and then imagine where you want the enemy to be inside the circle and only then choose the center.

Other uses are 1) isolating an enemy(s) from the rest of the team. Trapping everyone inside of it is a waste unless… 2) Locking chasers into the gauntlet ( it’s still there even after you die ) to let the ally escape. 3) Wall-Jumping for super flashy escape or surprise cross-wall initiation. 4) Zoning - eg. Blocking a pathway to lane; Blocking access to turrets or Surrounding objectives to prevent steals.

It’s a kickass ability with multiple use, but 1 major drawback is that It’s easily passed by reflex block. in some situations it might be beneficial instead, because enemies are left vulnerable to stuns and CC.


Really? there’s a term for that? I just do it all the time. it just takes a good eye and good timing. and knowing the radius of the Gauntlet.

Learnt something new today.


this was so comprehensive, it’s funny that the og forums never had consistent content this good…

I don’t even play Ardan and I feel like I could go pro on some squishies.

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