Nobody asked for it but HERE IT IS. Without further ado, heres my BLITZ TALENTS TIER NERF LIST!!!

10: SAW epic
SAW move fast. SAW push turret. SAW do the big juke and pew pew u to ded.

9: Tony epic
Yay aoe stun and aoe punches. Who doesnt like that?

8: Joule epic
You will end up using your ult more than your B.

7: Lance rare
Yay all contraption barrier cansa.

6: Vox epic
I swear everyone who uses this have this talent at max level. 1/3 of your health bar will be constantly white if you use this.

And now for the actual problematic ones…

5: Ardan epic
One punch

4: Kestrel rare
Imagine ardan epic punching you but 4 times. Oh, and you can take down a full turret with its barrier with 2 rounds of arrows.

3: Kestrel epic

2: Idris rare
Take a shot everytime you fight idris R A R E u be ded in game and in real life. Smec fix his 100 WR on ranged basics pls.

Now for some honourable mentions…

Adagio legendary
Baptiste rare
Baron epic
Blackfeather rare
Krul epic
Reim epic
Samuel rare
Skaarf rare
Skye legendary

Lyra legendary
All the blitz tryhards stopped using her ever since it stopped snaring heroes inside the bulwark. Thats understandable since you cant completely nullify an ardan anymore, but her bug is fixed (idk when it got fixed) and she can grant CC immunity again. CC immunity is pretty strong for hypercarry comps since you can block atlas and ardan lyra idris is definitely better than ardan lance idris. Well not that hypercarry comps are meta anymore but its still worth noting.

And finally…

1: Ardan rare
You have unlocked the secret white team


For me Speedy Spin Up should be like this: SAW is no longer slowed by Spin Up and gains extra attack speed from Spin Up.

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You should do a “most fun to play with” list.

for me it’s Joule’s Legendary - Zoom~!.. Slash~!.. Zoom~!.. Slash~!..

Any talents when you are not fighting your counters or idris or kestrel or ardan

Idris kills you irl before you can even raise the f----

No nerf to Fortress rare? 0/10.

The secret white team won’t protect you from Maxbob

Full contraption ardan meta!

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Idris’s Rare is the worst! How did you get that kind of barrier with Ardan’s rare? It seems fine to me. Never seen barriers like that.

High level+all contraption build. If your A cooldown is lower than the barrier duration then congrats you have infinite barrier. The barrier duration gets refreshed if you vanguard again. So you can basically stack infinite barriers. Krul can do it too but he needs all CW. That tiny blue line on the left of the health bar is my max health. So yeah i have 100x more barrier than max health.

This is what i go through every 3 blitz games:

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this is so broken that it actually is funny again.