Game in bootloop again

So the game just went into bootloop past draft again… Can’t enter a match because it keeps crashing and then rebooting never passing splashart.

They have royally screwed up the game coding. This is the second patch I have had these issues now. 3.6 the game was working perfectly and now all this again.

7 min que only to get trashed because they can’t keep their game code clean.

Trash all skins. Delete hats. Make the game great again…

I guess the reason is the PC version. Sadly with their lay offs and downhill + I am sure budget, not sure how capable are they to fix the issues.

Going crossplatform is ok, but it comes to the price of more dev/problems.

I have reinstalled ML. They are improving where VG is going downhill sadly…

7 sec que… Real afk detection…

Both ML and AOV improve rapidly in all aspects. Sadly as you say - VG is going downhill and fast. Already in the liquidation phase - milking what they can with as little resources they can before shutting down the servers.


I don’t think I could cope moving to joystick controls.

What really keeps me at vg has to be the foxed cam and controls

Srsly. Well, faith & potential doesn’t pay the bills I guess.

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