Gacha Games subcategory background

This thread is for you all who play these games to submit suggestions for a background image for this subcategory.


If no one submits anything, you’re going to end up with a my waifu Mei from HI3

Im totally fine for best girl Mei :lyra:

Here are my selections:

Dragalia lost (I can get the title on the photo if yall want)

Fire Emblem Heros

Granblue Fantasy

Honkai Impact 3

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@DragonClasher @DIMTI

Do you guys have anything you want instead?

Those are awesome!

FYI, I can rotate through them from time to time, so just keep posting here and @ me when you want the bg changed …

(I haven’t figured out a way to rotate them automatically.)

Also FYI, our forum background resolution is 1600 x 900, so images that are at least that size will look best :framed_picture:

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All i really play is Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia so thats great :3

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I dont think you can see photo res on the Iphone (I use my phone to access the forums alot) but Ik they’re probably not the right size anyways. Idk if theres a solution to resizing them?

They look good on my iPhone!

(Held in portrait orientation, no background will look right because the screen aspect ratio is completely opposite to the bg aspect ratio.)

When you tap on a lightboxed image in Discourse, it will show the resolution:

On desktop, just hover over the image to show the resolution.

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If you mean BEFORE you upload an image, you can’t see the size in the Photos app … lots of other apps will show that info (and more) though:

That’s PS Express, for example.

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Honestly that blew totally past me. Ive seen the resolution so many times and I suddenly forgot about this on discourse… :potoo:

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