Fun While It Lasted

Install the game.

Gets stuck at 3.26%

After repeated attempts, no luck.

Factory reset.

Now it just continously force closes.

I can’t afford to drop a few hundred (thousand?) dollars on a brand new device just to run this game.

Unfortunately, I will probably never play VG again. Ever since the update, I cannot get it to install properly. I’ve followed every tip/suggestion known to Google. Nothing has worked.

So yeah…it was fun while it lasted.


Have you tried talking to SEMC report or try getting someone to copy obb file and send to you and put it where it needs to got

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What is your device? Any well known brand? Which software etc?

Gezus, get a Lenovo tab 7 for under $100. Runs like a dream.

I use an LG Stlyus Palm Pro 3, I believe is what it is called. I tried all the tips suggested on google, and they haven’t worked.

However, my current SD card is like, 6 years old. According to an article I read, the most likely cause is my SD card can’t run 4K Games, or gaming, or something?

I don’t know much about this techie stuff so putting files where they need to go? Is that like jailbreaking a device? I don’t know, lol!

Unfortunately, I’m a bit strapped for cash atm. RL and all that. Once I get some spending money, I will get a new SD card and see if that resolves the issue.

Thank you all for your responses/advice!

As for a tablet, I bought a cheapie one, and it was alright but I’ve never liked managing a million devices. It was too cumbersome for my lifestyle. I like to be able to slip my phone in my pocket and be on my way. Tablets are too big for all that.

You try installing the game to your phone not sd card

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I FINALLY got a new device and it runs VG!!! Oh my gosh, so many new heroes! The controls are much better and auto buy in the shop! Aaahhh!

Now, I just need a guild…


Don’t know you but welcome back. One thing though. You’re in for an unpleasant surprise unfortunately.

Thank you! I’m a casual player and just play for funsies. Celeste is my favorite, but I like other heroes as well. I’m not too familiar with all the comps and equipment and such.

I guess it’s a bit better it you’re not competitive. But the game is in a pretty bad state either way.

Oh, I remember you! Welcome back! What kind of game modes do you play most?

Not sure if I can help you find a guild, but hopefully you meet some friendly players in-game that will have a group you can join.

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