Friends List Wipe. 4.5

Sad time bois. Some sad times. (Atleast for me)

Im one of those people that can remember igns and remember a certain event associated with them and to see them be deleted from my list and headed straight to the void is a little sad to say atleast.

My old guild mates, friendly people I met through 3v3 rank back when I first started. They will be missed.

Atleast now I hope that I can open up the offline players list and not have it crash on me or infinitely load :spring_happy_2:


Did it happen yet? Why do is till have 500+ friends :sad:

It may take time in other servers.

My friends list just emptied this morning

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this supposed to happen, like, 2 patches ago?

They meant to do it in 4.4, but pushed it back a patch. And gotta admit, while I knew it would happen, it hit me in the feels to see my offline friends list go from 500+ to 46 (including guildies). Maybe I should add more folks.


So I finally downloaded the latest client update, and my friends list is down to 85 people. (A few months back, I deleted – by hand – over 400 inactive friends, leaving my list at around 265 iirc.)

I also have a bunch of friend requests that won’t go away no matter what I do. Anyone know how to fix that?

I do not have an answer, but I fortunately don’t seem to be having that issue. As mentioned in another thread, I am having difficulty unfriending people, such as trolls who add you to talk trash to you. You delete them, but I beleive the fried list mitigation is in a constant loop where it registered said user was my “Friend” before and keeps having them become my friend again when either of us log back in. Super frustrating!

Guess who’s friendliest still won’t load :smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat::smirk_cat: i am just so nice and friendly

Real talk

When I first started I wanted to be friends with everyone in my server so I friended both sides on all my matches :heart_eyes_cat::crying_cat_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Friends list is bugged. I can’t accept requests nor view offline lists, but the wipe did work.