Freezing bug makes bot controlled player

Get in the game, go to lane, learn A and game freezes (i don’t know why). Shut the app down and reopened it and I found out i had fed their Idris twice, got A as lv2 as well. So bot played my hero and learned the same ability…

Do something with this plz! Or else maybe I will exploit it and try to make a hack that would force people disconected from game like the hack of LOL in season 5 ;).

Can you explain a little more? Does this happen every time you play any game? Are there specific conditions to make it happen? How does it occur?

AFK players are known to become bots, in lower ranks at least. And unfortunately game freezes are common atm, I hope SEMC get a fix on that.

Nope. But nowasday it occurs more frequently.
Around 6-7 matches I got 1 glitch. I think it is server overload duo to current event, maybe.

When it occurs, everything freezes, including my hero. Can’t go around, can’t attack, etc. But more importantly, ping didn’t spike up like in SEA server.

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In casual I presume… I have never seen that happen in ranked.