Free Ice Vox skin

Haven’t seen a mention of it yet, so open downloading 3.9 on my laptop, the market offered me Vox’s legendary Ice skin as a thank you for downloading VG! No idea if it’s limited to a timeframe or PC, but it’s worth checking out if you don’t already have it.

Yeah it’s for pc

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“Moba perfected for tou- screw mobile actually, here’s a free Legendary skin for PC users for no literally no reason at all”

I’m not complaining, just laughing

ill have to see if I can get it to open on my Chromebook as a PC app just for the skin. I know it won’t play nice.


yeah supposedly if you download and play PC alpha you get free Vox on Ice skin. I haven’t got it yet tho despite playing PC…

I didn’t see it mentioned either, the only way I knew was from Excoundrel’s vid on the future of VG

The worst part is that on my Microsoft surface (hybrid laptop) PC version of VG does not even support the touchscreen.

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