Frame rate/ screen freezing issues

So i am always experiencing screen freezes and random stutters, it doesnt even have to be when casting big ultimates it just occurs randomly. Is their anyone else having the same issues ?

So far the only moment i get frame drops is with certain abilities and not always. Has this happened to you during the whole patch or only recently?

Its been happening ever since i started to play actively again which is this patch and the previous one. I basically get frame drops and stutters every game.

This seems more like a device issue instead of a server one. Does the wifi run well with other apps?
@HipsterSkaarf @hazeleyes anyone that knows about devices issues causing this problem? Idk who to tag.

I agree it’s either a device issue or a network/connectivity issue (or both). Over time, VG’s performance on my iPad Pro has decreased despite nothing else changing, so it seems likely that the game itself is part of the problem. And as always, VG is particularly sensitive to network latency (far beyond any other game I’ve ever played), so that could be the culprit as well.

Neither issue is easily fixable, unfortunately.

I got matched against Warhawk in battle royal and he had his legendary talent , it was an annoying game because his ult made my device freeze , anyone wants to win in battle royal or blitz pick him and spam his ult easy win , because other players older devices suffering .

I think what made the device freeze was putting the ult burns in the same place so it was like putting mines over each other .