Foxtrot, Special Ops Unit

Foxtrot is basically how pre-CoD:Ghosts gameplay could be translated into Vainglory.
Note: Foxtrot has 3 ults because the first ult could be completely game-breaking. The second ult is less game-breaking, but it is arguably more gimmicky than the first ult, and the final ult is much more conventional than the first two.

Stats & Perk

Health: 653-2050 (+127 per level)
Weapon power: 62-117 (+5 per level)
Attack Speed: 100%-133% (+3% per level)
Shield & Armor: 20-50
Range: 6m
Movement Speed: 3.3

Perk: Full Metal Jacket
Foxtrot’s critical attacks can pierce through 3 enemies. Each susequent piercing reduces damage by 25%. Passives from items are 50% less effective after the critical attack pierces through the first target.


A: Grenade
Foxtrot throws a grenade. The grenade can be blocked by heroes, but the impact from the grenade deals a small amount of damage. After 2 seconds, it detonates, dealing weapon damage to enemies within it’s radius, with damage falling off to 50% at the edges. Explosive damage deals 50% less damage to minions. The throwing speed of the grenade is increased with crystal power, up to a cap of 6 meters per second with 200 crystal power. Overdrive: Catch This ignores 10% of armor and shield.
Cooldown: 9s/8.5s/8s/7.5s/7s
Explosion Damage: 100/175/250/325/400 (+100% cp, +65% wp)
Impact damage: 15/20/25/30/40 (+15% cp, +5% wp)
Throw speed: 2.5m/s (+1.5% cp)
Explosive radius: 2.5m
Range: 6m

B: Flashbang
Foxtrot takes 2 seconds to take out a flashbang, alerting allies and enemies alike. Then, he throws the flashbang, which explodes after 1.5 seconds. Flashbang stuns enemies for 2.5 seconds and slows enemies for 5 seconds. If Foxtrot takes damage while taking out a flashbang, Flashbang is canceled and Foxtrot is stunned for 1.5 seconds and slowed for 3 seconds. This self-inflicted cc bypasses Celestial Shroud and doesn’t activate its passive, nor can it be blocked by Reflex Block, Crucible, and Aegis. The throwing speed of the flashbang is increased with crystal power, up to a cap of 5 meters per second with 250 crystal power.
Cooldown: 20s/19s/18s/17s/15s
Slow Strength: 25%/30%/35%/40%/50%
Throw speed: 2.5m/s (+1% cp)
Stun radius: 1.5m
Slow radius: 3m
Range: 5m

Ult 1: Spy Plane
Foxtrot calls in a spy plane to recon enemy heroes. Spy Plane notifies both allies and enemies on when it is activated and when it ends. 3 seconds after activation, all enemy heroes are spotted for a few seconds. However, only their location is disclosed. Spy plane can’t see through bushes.
Cooldown: 110s/100s/90s
Enemy reveal duration: 3s/3.5s/4s

Ult 2: Bomber Strike
Foxtrot can call in a bomber strike anywhere on the map. When used, a larger version of the minimap is displayed on the screen, which will be referred to as “the macromap” from now on. Your allies and what they see is visible on the macromap. Pressing one finger and dragging it on the map shows you where the bomber strike will hit. Using a second finger tells you what direction you want to bomber strike will be. Lifting up both fingers and pressing on where the bomber strike will occur will confirm the bomber strike, activating the ability, while pressing anywhere else on the map will reset the bomber strike’s location. Pressing the ult button will remove the macromap from view. If confirmed, Bomber Strike will take 3 seconds before launching an airstrike. The location of where Bomber Strike will occur is revealed to allies immediately, while enemies will only see it 1 second before the airstrike actually occurs. Bomber Strike launches 4 bombs in a horizontal airstrike going in one direction. Each bomb has a 3 meter explosion radius, falling off to 50% at the edges, and are placed 2 meters away from each other.
Cooldown: 75s/65s/55s
Bomb damage at center: 300/350/400 (+125% cp, 80% wp)

Ult 3: Napalm Strike
Foxtrot can call in a napalm strike anywhere on the map, striking the area after a 3 second delay. Allies can see the designated area immediately, while enemies can only see it for .9 seconds. When Napalm Strike hits a designated area, it deals explosive damage and sets it on fire. The fire lasts for 5 seconds and can set enemies on fire for 5 seconds. The initial explosion deals weapon damage, while the fire deals crystal damage.
Cooldown: 90s/75s/60s
Explosion damage: 375/500/625 (+200% cp, +100% wp)
Fire damage per second: 25/50/75 (+20% cp)


Rare Talent: Stick Grenade
Grenade has a greater range and can be thrown faster, up to a cap of 7.5 meters per second with 200 crystal power.
Cooldown: 109.5% (-.5% per level)
Damage: 80.5% (+.5% per level)
Throw speed: 3.5m/s
Range increase: 1.5m

Epic Talent 1: Carpet Bombing
Another bomber strike is called in perpendicular to the first strike.
Damage: 85% (+5% per level)
Cooldown: 108% (-2% per level)

Epic Talent 2(If Bomber Strike isn’t Foxtrot’s Ult): Concussion Grenade
Flashbang has a stronger slow and silences enemies, but no longer stuns them.
Slow strength: +1.5% (+1.5% per level)
Silence Length: 3s
Self-inflicted Silence length: 2s

Legendary Talent 1(If Bomber Strike isn’t Foxtrot’s Ult): High Flammability
Napalm Strike burns longer.
Damage: 90% (+10% per level)
Fire duration: 10s

legendary Talent 2 (If Napalm Strike isn’t Foxtrot’s Ult): Semtex Grenade
Grenade sticks to enemy heroes and enemy objectives, but has a longer detonation. If the targeted enemy or objective dies or gets captured before the grenade explodes, the sticky grenade immediately explodes and deals damage to surrounding enemies.
Damage: 90% (+10% per level)
Detonation timer: 3s
Legendary Talent 3(If neither Bomber Strike or Napalm Strike are Foxtrot’s ult): Habu
Spy Plane doesn’t alert enemies when it ends.
Cooldown: 105% (-5% per level)
Legendary Talent 4(another talent based off of Spy Plane): Blackbird
Spy Plane reveals enemy health.
Cooldown: 105% (-5% per level)
Location reveal duration: -.5s

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