Fountain in 5v5

How do you use it?
I’m not sure if I’m taking the best course of action, but for most of the time, I’m trying to avoid fountaining someone that rushes in to an inevitable death when there are 3 other damage dealers to heal.
This got me quite a few angry reactions.

Fountain should be used as a team utility. Cat slams her ult, Rona dives into the battle and Red Mists, multiple teammates are threatened? Fountain.

Suicide missions? That’s why we each have healing flasks.

It’s best to save fountain for when you can get the most effectiveness out of it, so saving it to heal multiple heroes rather than just a single one is the better choice in your example.

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Then I guess I’m not totally wrong… I hope the regular playerbase will soon come to realize this.
Let’s say I’ve been getting a lot of thumbs up lately and for all the wrong reasons :)))

Way to trust your instincts. Repeat after me:

“Fountains aren’t for feeders.”

Oh, and their passive aggressive pings? Press three buttons:

Mute. Downvote. Trolling/griefing.


I mean all support items are still self explanatory. You use them to protect others as well as yourself in a team fight, so therefore they need to be saved when multiple people are in a fight.

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This. Exactly what I do every single time :thumbs: