Forumer Love


A rare sighting of @HipsterSkaarf! Post your moments of forumer love (playing against/with eachother) here. We went on to dominate this rumble match. We don’t like Caine.


@DIMTI and I ran into him while playing I think ARAM a while ago :^)


I found @DIMTI in an Aram but it was kinda hard to feel useful


I actually found it really ironic that I sniped you on my first match after looking at this thread lmao
I was actually wondering why you sat there doing nothing in the middle of the lane, but I guess that explains it…


I was able to comeback around the 6 minute mark but between my ineptitude at skaarf and my gold disadvantage I didn’t really contribute much


Sniped @RiseChu just now



XD I forgot to take a end screen SS but I got this instead



Good games, @HipsterSkaarf and @NinjaBryden!

P.S. We dominated (8/0/18 Cath, just sayin =P )


CP Silver was the bane of my existence that match lol