Forum vs reddit mods duke it out

I bumped into one of the reddit moderators (sicarius) on the other team in NA 5v5 when I was playing with KillerRabbit.

Forum honour was upheld (though tbh more to do with the poor matchmaking I think - our Koshka was a monster).


Holy, 17/1, wish I could get teammates like that (no salt intended :slight_smile: )

Somewhere within this scoreboard lies an odd metaphor

I love this.

How is this not player shaming though? The other mod was a total scrub lol…

No shaming involved - Honestly he was fine he was just super focused by the Koshka who was really good.

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Reza and ringo did good as well. I can just imagine that trio just appearing outta nowhere from flicker ult Or even all 5…