Forum suggestion

  1. make category forum suggestion.
  2. small mobile layout background should not opacity its hard to read (subjective)
  3. lower font size and add line height in small mobile device for better readability (subjective)

thank you for make community forum hope everyone enjoy their stay in here

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Hey there!

  1. We have suggested this already and although they didnt say it would be added I’m almost willing to bet it will be as it does keep things organized.

  2. They are currently working on the transparency issues throughout the forum

  3. The font size seems to be fine to me but this is all preference.

A lot of the negative feedback appears to be directed at what is really the mobile version of the theme. That’s actually good, as it’s a separate part of the overall code and can be tweaked separately. (Also, I tried it out on my phone earlier today, and I agree with some of the feedback, fwiw.)

If you haven’t already, try the desktop version on a PC or tablet (the software should automatically choose the desktop version on large screens). You’ll find some of the issues raised above go away.

The theme developer is actively working on the theme – I expect a lot of stuff to continue to improve on a regular basis.


I’ve made a forum suggestions category now. For bonus points this thread is also now in it :wink:


10x. :slight_smile:

It will be improved for sure, but for now it’s quite good as just released status. Cheers!

One thing to ask: what about the font? Can it be like on the official forums? Quite bigger and from what I can tell - it’s like it’s bolded ? Second suggestion if possible is a little bit less transparency? That’s all from me. :smiley:

/side note: the transparency can take care about the font part.