Forum Slow down

I thought I’d bring this up in case it is a site coding issue but lately for posting replies and creating topics is taking forever. My internet speed hasn’t changed in that time but sometimes a post will even time out one or two times before I can post.

I haven’t seen any issues, and I’ve been posting on and off all day.

I had a weird issue with the same thing the other day, but it turned out to something with the Discourse app – when I switched to Firefox, it was lightning fast as usual.


EDIT: Just checked the Discourse error logs, and nothing unusual there at all. I’ll check the host logs when I get home from work…

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I haven’t used the app I stick to Samsung internet and chrome at least for now I really want to use a different browser but don’t want 3

Edit: @hazeleyes You’re amazing

Edit2: doing a little digging on my end server contact time through a couple sources varies between 0.4 to 0.99 as of 12:03 eat on 4/13/18