Forum Game: Show Your Workspace

Show off your workspace — straightening up for the photo is discouraged!

Desktop wallpaper

I reversed this version of “RWBY Pietà” so Blake’s head didn’t end up in the pile of icons on the left side of my desktop … it’s been difficult to identify the original artist, unfortunately.

Listening to

Does a bed with a laptop count? lmao

Just kidding. My desk is currently masked with schoolwork, textbooks, and tears/sweat of long hours without a nights sleep. :mask:


writing a websocket library in golang
my desk is tidy because I throw everything else on the floor

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Don’t mind the mess


Does this count as a college student :rofl:

I know the table is cluttered AF but what can I do that’s all I got.


I feel you. I’m living your life.

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Is that ruler from fate?? I love her hair :3

I totally forgot about that Kraken you printed! Hi, Helga!

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yes it isAA3ED4F4-DF8D-404E-8B20-BA8F36267BA4