Forum Changelog [3.7]

Hi hi!

Just starting this thread so we have some way of letting everyone know when changes happen in the forum. For instance, as of 10 minutes ago, the 3.7 backgrounds are up! Go to your profile Preferences, Interface to swap your background to the splash art you like best. You might have to force a refresh for them to show up properly. 3.7 backgrounds include:

Cyber Krul
Cyber Krul Prime
Cyber Krul Prototype
Contender Kestrel & Crimson Wolf Yates
Contender Kestrel

Also, don’t miss the charms emoji:
:new_angel: :new_heart: :new_call_me: :new_heart_broken: :new_poop: :kissyface: :vgcharms:

Also also, we’ve added a couple plug-ins that Fan Artists (and others) might really enjoy. In the Compose Post box, you should see a couple new icons… 25%20AM These give you some different ways to display images:

Grid Gallery

Carousel Gallery


Love the new backgrounds !

Quick suggestion - lower the base image of Crimson Yates and Contender Kestrel - currently Kestrel is permanently headless.


Good suggestion. It’s a little funky because Kestrel is so high in the composition, and there’s not much headroom, but I made a new version where she’s scaled up and hopefully doesn’t look too weird. I also added a new theme that’s just Contender Kestrel.

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Looks much better.

Are theme uploads automatic ? The Yates + Kestrel seemed to update automatically but I don’t see solo Kestrel

EDIT. Never mind, I have spotty internet at the moment, it loaded

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So the arrival of Yates means no space for the purple monkey? I was kinda enjoying that background.

We’ve been making only the heroes and skins from the current patch available as options for the backgrounds as a way to promote the newest content. Also, it (theoretically) may help a bit with data transfer costs.

If there’s interest, we can certainly consider adding others to the list of available bgs … I have no philosophical objection to that. :wink: