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Forum Backgrounds Update


There’s been a change to how our site’s theme works, and our old way of providing multiple site backgrounds no longer works. For the time being, everyone gets San Feng in the background :sunglasses:

Once I work out a new way to give you folks a choice of backgrounds, I’ll update this topic.

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Much like our current background, we shall be the patient masters.


Okay, I have a solution, but with the 4.1 update expected in less than 2 days, I’m going to wait for the new splash art to create the new backgrounds. :rbgwen:


I just noticed his hands , I know people thought his new skin has human look , but his hands here look like a human turned to a tiger .


I thought it was Po from Kung Fu panda when the change happened. I was like “This isnt how Anka looks…”

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