Fortress is HUGE

Fortress is LITERALLY freaking HUGE. I was watching a replay and i couldn’t stop noticing how big fortress is. In his shark suit he LITERALLY can pass as a teen shark or something. But seriously though he is freaking big, imagine seeing a big freaking dog mauling your face off? Thats pretty spoopy to be honest. He can make you bleed and stuff. Imagine THIS dog in real life, jumping from the bushes, with his teeth out. Mega oof for you


I think everyone knows he is huge but admittedly I never thought about Fortress’s size in real life. If we’re just going to assume that most the male and female characters have average height I guess he is pretty big but what else is there to say?

Its the hugeness part. He literally look frecken big. Hes a lion thats energetic. Thats pretty op on real life if you ask me

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Dont u dare talk about sharkie boi like that. He has issues because the doggos in the school made fun of his size. Smh

Thats why he uses the shark costume to boost his self confidence and to be the biggest predator on the rise.


Well in the lore he is described to be I think 6 feet tall on either all fours or standing on hind legs, but I would have to re-read the Rona lore. I just remember it’s there

Yea uh taking his a and b to the face would definitely kill a guy.

Sorry i didnt mean to. I forgot the bug boi has insecurities ;-;

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Sometimes I forget how big he is. Now I’m trying not to think about minions hitching a ride into battle. Adorable.

Almost as adorable as that profile picture

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It’s Peaches :happy::new_heart:

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Peaches is definitely very cute, but Snowball best cat :minions_happy_t1: