Forgot How Ridiculous Lower Tiers Are

Alright, so since mid December or so, I’ve let my 3v3 rank decay on my second account because I kinda forgot about it. Now since the update, my 5v5 9 looks pretty dumb next to my 3v3 4, so I decided to rank it back up for aesthetic purposes.

I quickly remembered how TERRIBLE LOWER RANKS ARE

Here’s my last match.

I didn’t even see my team until halfway through the match, I got repeatedly ganked under my turret with no help and the kicker was the end of the match -
I won a 1v3 with my back to my vain and got an Ace, solo captured Kraken, and took out their choke turret by the time my team’s timers were up. I then proceeded to “get rekt” as my team stood in our base not moving until they were in our base again. They were then destroyed as the Varya killed them both before the other two got there

Yay ranking. Yay 3v3.

Also, before anyone asks. That is not the order that I bought my items, pls dont roast

In today’s news of things that we already know

In today’s news of things that normally don’t affect me

well they’re low tier for a reason

Yeah low tier 3v3 can get well you stuck

Not sure I follow, thier builds aren’t terrible, certainly expect to see a lot worse at this level; you’ve also got a roam which is a luxury one is seldom given playing at these tiers, a roam with a fountain I migh add and your not even double laning (shock horror).

Guess your alpha got hard countered by krul and fortress. And the Varya actually looks semi decent (that’s a lot of CS for low tiers)… from what your saying it’s more a question of their rotations than their actual build paths.

My biggest frustration is tier 7/8, here you see people who should know better but don’t, building and drafting like tier 4s, makes these tiers such a slog to get out off if your soloquing.

At least you had a team by the end game. T4 is worse because 85% of the time, you don’t have the full team. Im often the only one left because once the 3rd turret is destroyed and we haven’t gotten one because the laner wont push, They leave and I’m stuck being a roam with anyone to support. Smh

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