For Your Viewing Pleasure

In case you all thought you made odd decisions while playing this game, while not in the most sober state of mind, have this gem.

I casually noticed that Churn’s Offense bar on his page was really high, and being the sleuth that I am, I investigated. I scrolled down to one of my favorite carries - my main man Vox - and noticed Churn has a higher attack speed and attack. So naturally, I did the obvious.

Amused, I continued to do this with varying builds and varying levels of success. Although a joke, what would you guys actually build? I rushed AC for one match for goodness sake.

Did you know Churn has CP ratios of 50% / 1% / 1% ? Drunk me didn’t either.

I would do DE into breaking point and after shock as cp items and rest tank captain items with cooldown caping to 45%. Like 2 captain items with cooldown and rest is situational.

DE, BM, AC, WT and double defence. If they don’t build shield (less likely): SG, DE, AC, WT and double def.