For What It's Worth

Got this last night. 6th straight season. This was the easiest so far, as I took a 40+ day break and got this within 3 days.

A few things I’ve observed in my brief time back this season:

  • Dodges in draft seem to be less frequent. Yay.
  • kinetic is ultra popular. Not sure what changed, but long overdue in my opinion. I’ve always felt she’s A tier bot lane, if not the best when in the right hands.
  • I’m enjoying going “off script” and am still carrying pretty well with picks like CP jungle flicker, CP mid Gwen, CP mid Ringo, jungle wp fort… Part of my more fun and casual approach

Anyway, still representing the forums in tier 10. Again, for whatever that’s worth now. :slight_smile:


Was buff for whatever reason I’m yet to understand.

Ah - I think I recall us discussing that in previous patch notes. Perhaps it was to make her easier to play for less skilled players? Overall, I am in agreement with you - it wasn’t needed. As I already stated, I’ve always felt she’s been A/S tier in bot lane upon her release. :vgitem_breakingpoint: and :vgitem_bonesaw: work better on her than any other hero I’d argue given her perk - it’s riduclous late game.

Oh come on, he’s still got it. Meow.

Wait to climb a little higher to see how it goes. High bronze/ silver is dodge fest. I literally have 5-7 dodges regularly before I play, you can’t win the draft as it’s insta dodge.

There is no dodge punishing right now, and I am not talking about a -25 elo penalty that will insta fix 90% of the problem (also if someone drop not intentionally, it won’t take that much to get to his original elo, elo is made to move and not be static). I am talking about no low que or ranked mode not allowed for dodgers. Had one night one troll that dodged 4 times on my team in a row and 3 in the enemy team - 7 dodges IN A ROW. Didn’t answer why he is doing it, didn’t mark position - nothing, just waited the draft to reach him and waited out the timer.

Oh, come - have faith in people, I’m sure there’s a rationale explanation! Perhaps he/she had a loose bladder and just walked away at the wrong times? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

There is no rational explanation why SEMC won’t ban someone who dodges 7 times in a row. LPQ and no ranked is too little for that guy. :slight_smile:

It’s not about the reasoning, it’s about that every healthy game prevent this for happening. -25 elo the first time, -25 elo the second time, -25 elo the third time and LPQ for 3 games and no ranked. Simple and effective.

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