Fog of war only on high quality :(

This is very disappointing,my device can’t handle high quality so no fog of war.Will they implement a fog of war version for us plebs ???

unlikely. unless they find a way to make it happen with less power and i dont think that they have the time for sth that might never work.

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So are there advantage/disadvantages to having fog of war?ehat exactly is it in lamens terms?

I believe there are no disadvantages of not having fog of war on your phone

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The only real advantage is being able to see the exact radius of the scout cams’ vision, but it doesn’t exactly give you a huge advantage.

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So… basically this fog of war mode isn’t necessary? It’s just for looks?I don’t understand what it’s used for

Yup, it’s just a visual thing. A player with it doesn’t have a real distinct advantage over one without it.

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I’d say having it helps as it tells you where your vision ends, a nice line that you should think twice about blindly running over.

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Fog of War is basically an artificial draw distance for mobs / opponents you can see, so, I suppose to an extent there is a benefit to having it, because it gives you a real-time definition between where your line of sight reaches to. Not having fog of war is akin to the draw distance in 3v3, things just kind of pop into the screen and pop out. I think fog of war adds a certain level of awareness / expectancy you wouldn’t get otherwise, but, you can certainly get on totally fine without it.

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think of it like a hero skin. but for the map.

you’ll be fine without it. 3v3 doesn’t have it.

Perhaps like the minuscule advantage +5 damage on a skin gives you?


Since when does a skin give you +5 dmg?

It’s in yesterday’s patch notes… All skins provide a bonus damage based on there tier it was apparently requested alot from the community which increases there revenue and I just wasted your time by making you read this cause this is totally not true lol


Damn you, I almost thought that this was true. I should probably read the patch notes now.

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Lmao… it’s a mobile legends joke… there skins do that

It’s a reference to ML.

Mods, could you cut the 30 word minimum down a little?

Weird thing is, game actually runs smoother than before. I have a couple old phones lying around and downloaded vg on a note 2, it was able to play it on high which was pretty surprising considering how old it is.
My younger brother used to play on medium but this update high works fine for him. It wasn’t bs when they said they’d optimize 5v5.

I just installed vg and it’s laggy/stuttering or whatever it’s called when I’m in a teamfight(many abilities used at once), but they give my phone fog of war, that’s what i call weird