FNATIC disbands Vainglory team

I’m… not sure how I should react to this.

First C9, now this. Interesting days for VG Esports.

Whelp. Time to pack up boys. We’re moving into a new home.

…Nah, I’m joking.

But honestly, it’s hard to predict VG’s future with all these going on, and to consider that they have two modes (3v3 and 5v5) to take care.

Um… So… Is it bad? Must be 30 character…

Must not be all that profitable. Understandable since the game is tiny.

Rip, why is everyone leaving? ;-;
I thought 5v5 would make teams want to play more ;-;

D*mn… I expected the esports scene to expand, instead big teams started to leave… :frowning:

My impression is that there’s a lot of uncertainty in the VG esports scene at the moment: an all-new mode, a completely new league and organization, and a prolonged offseason. I’m sure that has to be playing a role in the decision-making these big orgs are doing …

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Are the prominent e-sports teams now losing faith in the success of vg’s e-sport scene?

Growth is slow and steady. Maybe a little too slow for the likes of some.

Money, profit is always a problem and a deciding factor in these types of decisions.

Finding 5 players who can work together is hard, unless of course, you’re all friends to begin with. I suspect smaller self-made teams will rise through the ranks…

So, they’re just ended it or they’re move to another genre?

They’ve disbanded the team and pulled out of Vainglory esports. The individual players are free to sign with another team.

FNATIC itself still has teams in CS:GO, LoL, DotA2, HotS, Rocket League, and more.

I wonder if they’re big enough to get into the planned Overwatch League expansion … the money there is insane. (London got $100,000 for winning stage 1 of the season, for an example of the purses.) Rumor has it that it’s crazy expensive to field a team for OWL, though.

Oh, so there’s still a chance each of them comeback with their new teams.

I’d bet they’d come back if the 5v5 format and the upcoming season prove successful.

I really hope that a big company backing up semc. AOV (someone say its trash compared to vg) can become big in no time bcuz of Tencent. They make lot of big tournament thx to tencent

Yep, money talks, as they say. Tencent is enormous – one of the 5 most valuable companies in the world, actually. (The mind boggles at that fact, but they’re worth well north of $500 billion.)


Worth noting in the showmatch today between Qlash and SK gaming two Fnatic players were playing for SK…


Actually a fairly decent match to watch.

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really? 500 billion … wow… Next thing you know, Tencent buys out SEMC . . . .