Flight Sim Pilots - SimVenture 2021

Ever dreamed of flying into KOSH during the world’s biggest airshow? The Oshkosh arrival during AirVenture is the stuff of legend, and many pilots make flying it a bucket list item. (It’s on mine, for sure!) Last year, when AirVenture was cancelled due to the pandemic, PilotEdge and EAA teamed up to create a virtual experience for flight sim pilots – and it was a huge success, with over 1000 arrivals during the event. It’s back this year, with several enhancements that should make it even more exciting and realistic! And as before, REAL ATC controllers who have worked KOSH and AirVenture will be staffing the ATC positions on PilotEdge for the event!

SimVenture 2021 Event Schedule

PilotEdge will operate SimVenture Oshkosh 2021 multiple times throughout the week. During the published times below, NOTAM procedures will be in effect at and around Oshkosh on the PilotEdge online network.

All Times in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)

  • Wednesday July 14: 3pm-6pm PDT (2200Z-0100Z)
  • Friday July 16: 10am-1pm PDT (1700Z-2000Z)
  • Saturday July 17: 1pm-5pm PDT (2000Z-0000Z)
  • Sunday July 18: 12pm-4pm PDT (1900Z-2300Z)

More details here: https://www.pilotedge.net/pages/simventure

Learn more about AirVenture (the real world one) here:

Most aircraft approach the field under VFR via something called the Fisk arrival procedure. Here’s a diagram:

And here’s a video of a pilot (and his helpful passengers) flying the Fisk arrival: