Flicker's 4v5

The Kensei player dodged the match because I banned SAW - typical troll behavior .

I don’t know who kept wanting to surrender, but i kept going… and going… and trying to invade the heavily scout camera laid base to prevent me from sneak attacking them.

Eventually i built enough crystal power to melt them. The enemy was overconfident in having the numbers advantage and din’t build defense. We got the Ace, for the __th time successfully defended the 5th dragon invasion and pushed for the win.

Great feeling to win.

I really want to report that SAW Troll, but deep down I’m kinda hoping he checks his Vgpro, realize he let the team down and realize he doesn’t need SAW to win.

on a related note: i never knew you could earn 10k gold from just being idle at base the entire match.

We would’ve got afk forgiveness if we lost, but i always love the challenge of winning a 4v5, and i proved it can be done. More than just this once, this win is just a sample of the multiple times i’ve done it.

Also, serves them right for not banning flicker. Hehehe :kissing_heart:


SAW, Taka and Baron banned. Yep, this is t4 alright.

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haha, this is not typical actually. the T4 bans is

flicker, alpha, Kensei and Taka. like litterally 90% of the matches. it’s just so boring~!

Also rampid like a virus on steroids is dodging~! I can only hope those dodging penalties are working~!

its SO HARD to get a normal game. afk and dodgers is the new normal.

i lost like… 4 games in - a - row… all with afk forgiveness… it just sucks. then get teamed up with newbies vs a competent team and because my team’s overall elo is lower (i’m 100 elo higher than my whole team)… i drop 19 points…

Anyway. Games are really random and filled with dodgers, afkers. there is no normal anymore.

Every once in a while i get a normal game and i’m reminded of just how good it is. But they are too far and few.
its just a long grind of endless dodging and surrenders. i crawled up to T5 2 days ago, only to be met with a string of crappy matches. anyway, i never like to complain too much… i’ll just keep on playing and praying to the MM gods.

The problem with lower tier dodging is that players don’t have a deep pool of heroes they own or are comfortable with. I actually think bans should go away in T5 and below.

Met the player who complained about me Banning Saw away from him again in another game…
this time he played WP Baron. Seems like my hard carrying had an effect on him.

He didn’t deal that much damage, but he really did try hard this time round.
Just wanted to share my little story. Hopefully that player keeps it up.

comes back to post remembers that complainer is t4 sees bans sees rank of all players wtf how do you have draft?

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That’s what I was thinking ???

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