Fix your Sh*t [pre-3.6 bug thread]

So following @Gatorrex 's latest video on the slumbering bug, i thought creating a thread where people could share the bugs they’ve experienced so he could use them for upcoming videos


Turret bug is still a thing apprently, it didn’t attack anything for a good 5 seconds at least


The game is bugged as hell, I’m tired of the bug that makes your hero to not attack in certain areas.


Drifting dark visual bug, cloud is actually moving but appears that its stuck

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I think your hero not attacking is dysinc, your character is actually not where he appears to be on your screen

No, there are certain points in the map that if you step on them you don’t attack, you have to move then a little bit, which is a joke.

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Since 3.6 isn’t yet released, aren’t these bugs in 3.5?

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:kraken_sad_t2: :minions_sad_t2: :oops:

I renamed it before the second post went up, thinking it’d be a thread for cataloguing 3.6 bugs… I guess people just wanted to complain about known bugs in 3.5 though. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

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its called reporting not complaining

Lol ok. These are well-known bugs, in a patch that’s a day away from being updated… so it’s probably better to wait a day, then see if the bug is still there. That’d be a more useful report.

i mean first there is no mention of these bugs getting fixed in the 3.6 patch and second a lot of these bugs didn’t just appear in 3.5 they’ve been there for months, for the turret bug i think its been a year so its very likely that they’re not even aware of them. That or they can’t find a fix but i am gonna go with lack of awareness since most devs don’t play the game and don’t visit the forums. I will link this thread to the support team once i feel like we’ve gathered enough bugs

:kraken_thumbsup: That was my hope too! If this thread collected a lot of bugs, especially ones verified in 3.6, it would be a great way to let the dev team know about them, with evidence of them and maybe some tips on how to reproduce them.

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Can we rename the thread to include “Bug Hunt” in the title? That would make it consistent with bug threads for past patches:

sure 30303030303030303030303030

Kek fix ur sh*t. I have 2 more videos planned, 1 for the BR base glitch and then 1 about reim’s basic attack to fort health. But i think ill do in depth looks of a single bug instead of putting in every single bug that exists, most of them probably already known bugs.


The reim fortified health glitch hurts my souls

The drifting dark bug happens pretty often i think it should be addressed.

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What about the Saw rare talent one? He can’t damage scout cams or Petal’s seed pods with his rare equipped.

I’ve become so accustomed to this bug that I just know where the DD actually is and just follow the invisible DD… it’s funny when my empowered MV’s get shot out and it appears i’m not in the DD.

Suffice to say… I play a LOT of Samuel… lol.

I’ve always wondered if the bug is only client side and it actually shows normally to the enemy.


Not pressing or tapping after Saw’s rollback with roadie run causes him to slide. That’s a bug too right?